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The 6 Best Micro GPS Tracking Devices

A GPS tracking device will protect your belongings and family members. There is a variety available. GPS trackers are on the market, including wired, plugged-in trackers and others that track the location of precious objects, pets, or children. In the same way, micro GPS trackers offer users the most mobility and ease of use. The most compact micro GPS tracker chip can provide users with the most efficient quality and performance without costing the price of a thigh. These devices come in tiny sizes that quickly adapt to a person’s pocket. They are also easier to carry and install.

It’s not easy to pick the top miniature GPS trackers. However, we’ve done the task for you and have selected the top 6 devices for 2022. Below you will find the best products we’ve tried, which offer significant advantages and provide efficient performance. So check them out and select one for your family members, pets and vehicles, and your other assets’ safety.

Are Micro GPS Tracking Devices Beneficial?

Recently, the minor tracking chip has become the most sought-after, and there are various reasons for this. Most people found more minor tracking chips more beneficial than purchasing larger ones; in the same way, spending was up. These tiny trackers can be placed anywhere in a vehicle or on a pet, not attracting any attention. The area can be tracked accordingly. In addition, the compact dimensions of the GPS devices make them easy to set up and carry around. Therefore, mini GPS units are cost-effective choices for those looking to monitor their kids, assets and pets without spending a fortune. Additionally, despite its easy-to-conceal and compact dimensions, the device’s performance is of the highest standard and continuously provides fantastic reading accuracy. Thus, the combination of small sizes and high-quality versions makes these small GPS tracking devices increasingly popular worldwide.

2022 PrimeTracking Micro GPS Tracker

2022 PrimeTracking
Micro GPS Tracker


Dimension: 1.57 x 1.05 x 3.07

The weight is 2.24 ounces

Type of Battery: Rechargeable battery (included)

Batterie Life Four weeks


  • Simple to install and use
  • Tracking history for at least 400 days
  • Excellent customer service
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight and straightforward to cover up design
  • Tracks everywhere in North America
  • Long battery life


Subscription services are expensive.

The 2022 Primetracking GPS tracker offers the perfect mix of subtle design and high-quality performance. It operates with the help of an integrated SIM card, which provides data coverage, including SOS alerts and geofencing in real-time, tracking range speeding, among others. Furthermore, its untraceable design is easy to conceal and hide. With the lengthy battery duration, you will be aware of your assets or loved ones for a long course without any issue. In the same way, if you reside within the US, Canada, or Mexico, Start tracking with this tiny device. It lets users monitor units and receive regular updates of 10 minutes. Through Google Maps, the software provides the location of the team and monitors the activities of your kids, your property or pets. Customers must pay high subscription fees to utilize the 2022 Primetracking Micro GPS tracker. However, it’s worth it.

LandAirSea 54 Smallest GPS Tracker

LandAirSea 54
Smallest GPS Tracker


Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Batterie Type A rechargeable battery (not included)

The Battery’s Lifetime: Two weeks


  • It shows exact locations.
  • Compatibility with iOS, Mac, PC as well as Android
  • 4G LTE’s 4G cellular connection gives quick results
  • The battery’s life span is remarkable.
  • Waterproof design
  • Durable
  • It’s made of a strong magnet that can be used during installation.


Users face technical issues on the device.

It is only available in the US.

If you’re looking for an enduring GPS tracker with a discrete appearance, consider LandAirSea’s 54 GPS Tracker. The tiny, coin-shaped device monitors movements in real-time and the speedy 4G LTE cell phone connection continuously keep you up-to-date throughout the US. Additionally, the simple to conceal design can be put wherever you want it to be without much effort. The built-in strong magnet makes it easy to complete the process of installation. The most appealing aspect is that this miniature GPS tracking device works with iOS, Mac, PC and Android, making it much easier to stay up-to-date and on the right track. The only issue is that the cellular capability is available only in the US, not making it an excellent option for everyone. Therefore, if you reside in the US, Buy the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker to keep track of your precious family members and assets.

Vyncs – GPS Tracker for Vehicles

GPS Tracker for Vehicles


Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.9 inches 0.9 inches

The weight is 2.08 ounces

Type of Battery: No batteries are required and powered by the car


  • It can be connected directly to the vehicle’s OBD port.
  • Batteries are not required for charging for the system to function.
  • Accessible SIM card
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Tracking that is reliable


Poor customer service

This device is only compatible with automobiles.

If you’re among people who own cars and want to monitor their vehicle, truck, or similar assets, then Vyncs’s mini GPS device will work well for your needs. The tracker works when it is connected to the OBD port of the vehicle. There is no requirement to install batteries to operate this device. Even when the car is off, it shares information about the location with the owner. Alongside keeping track of the position, the device stores the complete knowledge of vehicles, such as vehicle levels of fuel, fuel efficiency and engine RPM, and the proper idle.

In addition, the premium version includes roadside assistance for Puerto Rico, the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The only issue that customers encountered was poor customer support. In the end, everything regarding this device is spot-on with its reasonable price, and it’s much easier to monitor your vehicles using Vyncs’s GPS tracker. Vyncs tracking device.

Jiobit Tiny Tracking Chip

Tiny Tracking Chip


Size: 1.96 x 1.45 0.47 0.47 inches

weight: 0.8 ounces

Type of Battery: Rechargeable battery (included)

Batterie Life One week


  • Durable, waterproof design
  • Easy to use
  • It is simple to set up
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Particularly designed for children
  • Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility



Battery life is short

It’s the best GPS tracker for children that can be clipped onto children’s footwear, clothes or just about anywhere. The design is light and waterproof, ensuring you years of reliable service. It also comes with an accurate and real-time tracking device that can quickly show your child’s location without any hassle. It also features a mix of wifi, Bluetooth, cellular and GPS to provide the precise whereabouts of your child. The device’s price is relatively high; it is also necessary to buy premium subscriptions to access all the features. This means that the cost is relatively high. However, it comes with a wealth of essential elements to ensure your child’s safety inside and out.

GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker

GPS Location Tracker


Dimensions: 1.85 x 1.6 * 0.7 inches

Weight: 1.06 ounces

The battery type is Battery rechargeable (included)

Batterie Life 4 days


  • Lightweight
  • Portable design
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Consist SOS button to notify emergencies
  • iOS as well as Android compatible
  • Robust device
  • Blends in with the surroundings
  • User-friendly app
  • The package comprises a belt clip hard case and the lanyard.
  • Affordable tracking services


The battery’s life span is too short.

The GeoZilla GPS Tracker is highly recommended to pet owners and their parents. It can be connected to every Android and iOS device and will keep you updated. In addition, it’s a breeze to put the GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker on the collar of your pet’s or child’s cloth using an attached belt clip (included). The design also has an integrated SOS button which sends emergency notifications when you press it. Unfortunately, certain services are charged, meaning you have to pay additional charges to use this feature entirely. This is why the ultra-lightweight style and the easy-to-install features make it an ideal choice for children’s and pets’ security.

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker


Dimensions: 1.73 x 2.4 0.63 inches 0.63 inches

Weigh: 0.704 ounces

The battery type is Batterie rechargeable (included)

Batterie Life 24 hours


  • 2-way audio and auto-pickup speakerphone
  • SOS button to alert emergencies
  • Live location sharing
  • Inexpensive


Short Battery Life

AngelSense micro GPS tracker device is specifically made for people with autism. It’s now easier to keep track of and monitor your loved ones’ locations by using this gadget. In addition, most users are happy with the device and have posted many positive reviews on Amazon. They consider it the most secure GPS tracking chip designed for autistic individuals. It comes with sensory-friendly wearables, two-way communication, and a pickup speakerphone. It also provides emergency alerts, etc. This makes it a low-cost gadget that can be utilized to monitor autistic people.

They are all micro GPS tracker on the market, which are the most popular because of their superior performance and easy-to-hide size. Choose one that is suitable for your budget and your needs. Therefore, these devices are not only providing top performance but are also robust and reliable. So, if you’d like your children, pets, and assets secure, get started with the GPS tracking device to make your life easy.

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